0.9.6 Stable Release

Hey guys! Here’s house party 0.9.6. This was mostly a technical/bug-fix update, but there’s some new content in there also and a few Easter eggs!
As usual, if you’d like to continue your saved game from 0.9.3, you’ll need to right-click on House Party in your Steam Library, click Properties, and on the BETAS tab, opt into 0.9.3. Opt out of betas completely when you are ready to go back to the latest version. Note, you will not get any new story content in older versions of the game.

Added new main menu
Updated loading screen
Added hints to the loading screen
Added new interactions with Patrick
Added new lines to Amy and Rachael after finishing their stories
Added new garden light models
Added 10+ lines of new dialogue to Patrick
Added 3 new lines of new dialogue to Rachael
Added 4 new lines of dialogue to Amy
Patrick will now accept (or reject) every form of alcohol around the house
Removed Kitchen Table for better player navigation and NPC pathing
Added party lights model
Added wine rack model
Added painting easel model
Added painting stool model
Added painting tarp model
Added painting canvases model
Added creepy owl painting model
Grass Improvements
Changed Spare Room ceiling lamp color (no more rainbow)
Changed all character skin tones to fit the lighting and match each other
Added Gut Grip model
Added Motor Oil model
Added new garden light models
Added garage divider model
Added new Patrick voice acting lines
Added new Rachael voice acting lines
Added new Amy voice acting lines
Updated and Enhanced Katherine’s model
Upgraded Character Textures to 4k
Standardized brightness of all character models
Improved Ragdoll physics
Fixed an issue with characters ending up in weird places on loaded games
Fixed an issue where NPCs could end up outside of the navigational area
Fixed an issue where saving and loading would sometimes not save ALL current NPC walking targets
Fixed an issue where characters’ skin would poke through clothes on the main menu
You can now hold Alt when starting the game to pull up the old splash launcher
Improved upon Ashley’s post conversation route where players were unable to interact with her
Improved upon Madison’s confrontation with Ashley after Humiliate Ashley
Improved upon Vickie’s foreplay where players were unable to interact with her
General typo cleanup
Fixed an issue where the game would unpause in the Graphics Menu
Re-mastered voice acting audio files
Fixed an issue where “Opportunity Missed” messages would not display if you didn’t already have the quest
A Vickie Vixen Valentine: Vickie is Still Somehow Getting Stuck in the
Master Bath Bathtub is fixed
A Vickie Vixen Valentine: Fixed an issue where Vickie would scold you if you didn’t go upstairs
Debug Log now logs console command events
Debug Log now saves to DebugLogs instead of Errors
Combat console command now accepts ‘all’ parameter for all subcommands
Whereis command added to console; will give location of a target character, their current move target, etc.
Miscellaneous cleanup of command console and debug log
Re-positioned light switches to a more logical height
Updated toilet model to a more natural curvature
Fixed an issue where some characters were overly shiny
Fixed a bug where Ashley and Amy could get stuck in the floor or furniture the spare room after sex
Fixed a bug where toggling the volumetric lighting could cause a mysterious unnatural fogginess
Fixed a bug where characters, after being knocked out, would wake up stuck in furniture or walls
Stopped Patrick from dancing in Date Night with Brittney
Added credits scene
Adjusted and polished lighting
Kitchen and garage graphical touch ups
Improved areas where light was leaking
Fixed an issue where the fire light wasn’t baking into the scene correctly
Adjusted Front Door textures
Optimized lightmapping (Shorter load times)
Added extra code to keep characters from getting stuck or being outside the playable/walkable area
Added some extra handling to prevent debug log crashes and inability to export
Added timestamps to the debug log
Shortened some console commands such as eventtriggers, modifyvalue, and displaygamemessage; reference the ‘help’ command for their replacements