House Party 0.10.1 Released to Alpha Testers

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Hey guys!
Here’s House Party 0.10.1!  We have the conclusion of Stephanie’s new main story content in this build including Stephanie’s new “Drunk and Disorderly” Opportunity.  From this point, we will be moving into a Beta sprint and commissioning for voice acting and fixing up any bugs we find in the new content.  Mostly, we’ve noticed some issues with Stephanie’s quests bumping into other quests in the game, but we will be working on fleshing all of that out in the coming weeks as we gear up toward public release.
We have also introduced a small mini-game (Beer Pong) for you to start practicing with as we work toward making this game available to challenge NPCs with.  This will be the first of a few mini-games we plan to include in the game’s final release.
For OSX Users, we know a lot of you are still getting a crash on opening the game.  We are still working with Unity to figure out the problem.  We’ve made some leeway, but have not solved it yet.

Implemented “Meltdown” Opportunity for Stephanie
Implemented “Special Tutor” Opportunity for Stephanie
Implemented “Drunk and Disorderly” Opportunity for Stephanie
Added 40+ additional lines of new dialogue between Katherine and Stephanie
Added Beer Pong (Practice) Mini-Game
Freed up over 2GB of VRAM usage during runtime
Optimized the core code of the game to reduce spikes in performance
Drastically reduced loading screen time
Added Gut Grip Interactive Item to the game
Added Motor Oil Interactive Item to the game
Added Paper Bag Interactive Item to the game
Added Paper Bag Crushed Item to the game
Added achievement UI
Optimized all visual assets (Textures, models, etc.) for performance
Added new kitchen lamp