House Party 0.9.4 Released to Beta Testers

Hey guys!
Here’s House Party 0.9.4.  This build is more of an extension and polish of 0.9.3.  We spent most of our time fixing bugs and tweaking a lot of the systems we already have in place.  There’s a little new content and some Easter eggs to find as well.
We’ll be spending the next week finalizing this release into 0.9.5, and we will be hitting our major platforms with that version by the end of next week.  After that, we will start working on Stephanie’s story, as she was a the winner of the poll we took among $20+ supporters for whose story we would focus on next.  Stephanie will get the “Ashely” treatment in the upcoming 0.10.0 Alpha that will be due out around mid-May.

Added new main menu
Updated loading screen
Added hints to the loading screen
Added new interactions with Patrick
Added new lines to Amy and Rachael after finishing their stories
Added new Patrick voice acting lines
Added new Rachael voice acting lines
Added new Amy voice acting lines
Updated and Enhanced Katherine’s model
Added new garden light models
Re-positioned light switches to a more logical height
Updated toilet model to a more natural curvature
Fixed an issue where some characters were overly shiny
Fixed a bug where Ashley and Amy could get stuck in the floor or furniture the spare room after sex
Fixed a bug where toggling the volumetric lighting could cause a mysterious unnatural fogginess
Fixed a bug where characters, after being knocked out, would wake up stuck in furniture or walls
Stopped Patrick from dancing in Date Night with Brittney
Added credits scene
Adjusted and polished lighting
Kitchen and garage graphical touch ups
Improved areas where light was leaking
Fixed an issue where the fire light wasn’t baking into the scene correctly
Adjusted Front Door textures
Optimized lightmapping (Shorter load times)
Added extra code to keep characters from getting stuck or being outside the playable/walkable area
Added some extra handling to prevent debug log crashes and inability to export
Added timestamps to the debug log
Shortened some console commands